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People with a Passion

We’re trash doubters, nature lovers, and problem solvers who see a world with less waste and more conscious consumers and companies.

Women Owned,
Mother-Nature Inspired

Perennial is a women-owned for-profit organization, whose mission is to design durability and resiliency into any organization. Each of our team members appreciate the natural world, her beauty and bounty and we want to do our part to preserve and protect this earth for generations to come.

Fire Camp Recycling

Seasonal Jobs

We have a group of seasonal hires who work with our Fire Camp Recycling program at an array of Wildland Fire Sites across Washington, Oregon, California, Colorado, Utah, Idaho, and Montana.

Join Our Team

If you like camping, traveling, meeting new people, working hands-on in trash and changing the world then come join us!

Rooted solutions that interconnect people, processes, and systems toward true zero waste.

WA | OR | CA | CO | UT | MT | ID

Our Projects

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